There are number of reasons why sound tracking may not be working properly.

First thing you do is that you should check if the blue bar at the bottom of the tracking screen flickers blue (or stay gray). You may need to plug in your device and turn on motion tracking at the same time in order to see the blue bar. 

If the bar does not flicker blue and stay grey no matter how loud of a sound you make: This means that SleepBot is not supported on your device because it cannot detect volumes on the device. This is a bug on certain Android devices (mostly LG pre-2011). 

If the bar does flicker blue, check if you have storage space left on your SD card (or if you have an (external or internal) SD card installed). If you don't have storage space left, SleepBot won't be able to record any sound.

If you have storage left and the bar does flicker blue, you should contact us with the following questions answered so that we can better help diagnose the problem:

  1. Did sound tracking ever worked before?
  2. Are you not able to see any graphs at all or is it just sound tracking not working?
  3. What device and Android version are you running?
  4. If you look into SleepBot folder on your SD card, do you see a Voice folder inside it?