April 18 is Sleep Apnea Awareness Day (Aviisha offers free screenings)

"18 million. That’s the number of people, and counting, who are believed to have sleep apnea. What’s most shocking is that three-quarters of them don’t even know that they have the disorder.

Sleep apnea is a chronic disease where the person’s tongue and soft palate fall against the back of the throat, making it difficult to breathe. The disorder can lead to chronic heart failure, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, sudden death, among other serious effects for adults."

- Red Orbit

"Aviisha Medical Institute will offer free sleep apnea screening and assessments for patients between April 18 and April 30. The assessments will be conducted online by Aviisha sleep specialists using Aviisha’s telemedicine platform."

- Yahoo News (PRWeb)

Posted on April 18, 2012 .