SleepBot for iOS

It’s finally here.

SleepBot 1.0 2010

Since we launched SleepBot for Android as a humble sleep journal nearly three years ago, we’ve been working step by step towards introducing SleepBot on the iOS platform, and what a crazy, difficult, and awesome journey it’s been. When we initially started designing SleepBot 1.0 for iOS, it offered the same simple features as it did in the Android version 1.0. A single-button “punch-in” function to time your sleep. A “current debt” tracker that would help you find out how much sleep you were missing. And trend graphs to get a sense of all your data. Over the years, things have gotten a bit more complicated…

iOS wireframes 2011

We introduced SleepBot for web last year, and went through three huge overhauls of SleepBot for Android, including the recent new additions of intelligent alarm, motion tracking, and sound recording. While we planned to release SleepBot 1.0 for iOS as a barebones sleep time log, it already began to feel outdated. The app market moves quickly and it was weirdly out of rhythm to have our iOS app exist two versions behind the Android. We took it back to basics and completely revamped the app. New features, new design, new functionalities all behind the scenes.

After months of breaking, testing, and improving, we submitted SleepBot 1.0 to the App Store in April and the approval process was an experience in itself. So today it seems like a sort of catharsis to announce we are finally on the App Store, up to date and packed with features offered by no other apps on the market (including a few not yet available on Android such as white noise soundtracks for sleep and custom created alarm ringtones).

We were able to replicate nearly all of the functions possible in the Android app (working in the background, alarm sets off even in Silent mode, screen-off tracking) which is a miracle in itself due to the limitations of the iOS platform. I actually call it a “god-app” because it will work no matter what you throw at it (exiting/locking, playing games, listening to music). While there are still basic restrictions impossible within iOS such as “Auto-airplane mode” and repeat alarms, it’s amazing how much we have been able to accomplish within these parameters.

After so many of you messaging, commenting, and posting about wanting SleepBot on your iPhones and iPods since our launch, we are really proud to introduce SleepBot 1.0 today. The past year has been incredibly hard for our team and myself personally, and this launch is a testament to how much your support has meant to us, to get us through to this moment. 

Use SleepBot with all the super-features to wake up better and find out how you sleep at night, or switch it up and just use it in what we call “SleepBot Classic” mode by turning off all the options and simply keeping track of your hours. In any case, SleepBot is designed for you, customizable for each person to find their way to get better sleep.


Google Play:

Download it now for your phone and tell us what you think! We still have a long way to go and want your feedback or suggestions so we know how to improve! 
Thank you all once again. 

Sweet Dreams,

Jane Zhu, Founder and CEO

Comparison of graphs on Samsung Galaxy S3 v. iPhone 5

Posted on May 18, 2013 .