An update that has come a little too late

We have just released SleepBot for Android 3.0.5 with MANY long waited fixes, you will be able to get it around April 8th, 2013, 12:00pm EST


  • Screen guard is not enabled after punch out: we will now not try to mess with your screen guard when alarm plays and/or movement tracking is on by using an official API instead of a deprecated one that were there long ago. 
  • Axis and numbers not lined up for pattern graph on some phones: The pattern graph's lines does not match with the labels, and now they are aligned and is all pretty!
  • Sync failures are not handled by the client: we noticed that sometimes the automatic sync will timeout but SleepBot will treat it as a successful sync and never sync the old days again. We have adjusted the sync dates and fixed this bug. SleepBot will sync all your entries again. 
  • Smart Alarm not working by itself: Smart Alarm in 3.0.4 will turn on movement tracking 30 milliseconds instead of 30 minutes before the actual alarm. We have fixed this in 3.0.5.
  • Debt Calculation Fluctuates Base on Millis: thanks to one of our users, the debt calculation now will not account random days base on the time you tilt your screen. 
  • Debt calculation has one extra day: We have corrected our debt calculation to not include an extra day that's not needed. 
  • Movement graph is not appearing if smart alarm is used instead of motion tracking: we fixed a bug that causes the movement graph to not line up with the sound graph and not show up at all. (shows as an empty graph)
  • Sound graphs were not showing: we got lots of report that sound tracking is not working. It's actually that the graph is not showing if you have any absolute silent movement. We have corrected this and your sound tracking should be "working" and showing up again! 


  • Allow hourly format on entry list: because phones are bigger now, you can now switch to hourly format on entries list by check a checkbox in Appearance Settings. 
  • In screen off mode you now have the option option to ignore charging warning. (This is the sound that makes when you punch in!) 
  • Dismiss alarm without having to use keycode: you don't have to type your keycode to dismiss your alarm now. (You still have to enter keycode if you want to get into any other screen)
  • Option to not use keyguard: for compatibility reasons, some old old devices may have to still let SleepBot manage its keyguard. 
  • When there is no alarm some action should be shown when selecting auto alarm: Now if you don't have an alarm set for the next day, we will put you to the alarm list (save one click!) and if you have auto-alarm on, we will let you punch in right the way!
  • Fixed a few crashes.

New Feature

  • App2sd version: App2SD will be up for this version. PLEASE NOTE: you will not receive any future updates from the system nor will we provide App2SD for some of the future versions. This is meant for users who have super limited memories on their phone and wish to use SleepBot for a period of time until they get a new phone. 

Again, we want to thank all of our users for pointing out these issues for us. You guys are the best. 

Posted on April 8, 2013 .