Upgrading Paths (As of SleepBot Android 3.0)

At SleepBot we strive our best to be compatible with as many phones as possible, but sometimes we have to drop support for the older platforms in order to add certain new features.

Some of you may notice that on the market page of SleepBot for Android, you see that the version section says "varies by device".  That's because SleepBot have three versions available on the market to allow upgrades. 

For Android 2.2 and above users: You may install SleepBot for Android 3.0 with no problem.

For Android 2.1 users or Amazon Kindle users, you will see SleepBot 2.1.1 on your phone. This version is no longer supported, but you can use local backup sync the data that you already have and restore them when you get a 2.2+ phone. For sync, we will maintain beta.mysleepbot.com to support 2.1 users until October 2013, after that, beta.mysleepbot.com will be shutdown and all the traffic will go through www.mysleepbot.com  

For Android 1.6 -> 2.0 users, you will see SleepBot 1.9.3 on your phone. Sync is not on this version, however, you may use local backup on SleepBot 1.93, and then when you get a 2.2+ phone, you can restore them via local restore. 

Posted on March 6, 2013 .