Our biggest release on Android...yet

Hey SleepBot-er's, we have just released SleepBot for Android 3.0. We have worked on this new version for the past year to integrate some of the most requested features and keep it up to date to support new devices. Here are some of the highlights that I want to share with everyone:

New Features

  • Beautiful new UI to give it a more modern look. 
  • Smart Alarm: want SleepBot to wake you up at an optimal time?
  • Movement Tracking: record your movement when you are sleeping. 
  • Sound Recording: record sound when you are sleeping.
  • URI API Support: Allow you to make SleepBot respond to NFC/QR Code request, simply make it point to "sb://any", "sb://sleep", or "sb://wake" to punch in. Also keep in mind that if you use Tasker, you can do so much more with SleepBot.
  • Whole new resources and tips that will help you sleep better!
  • Re-organized settings that will make you less confused when choosing the best settings for your SleepBot. We want to keep it simple yet powerful. 

Bug Fixes

Added proper support for Android 4.1 and 4.2 devices: due to API changes, many functions on SleepBot are fundamentally broken, and this release we are bringing all of them back:  

  • Turning Mobile Data Off: airplane mode is no longer supported on Android 4.2, but we realized that giving the alternative option to turn data off + auto silence, we can give user more flexibility. For users <4.2, you will still see the airplane mode function.
  • Graph axis is now showing again for Android 4.1+ users.
  • Auto-Wifi On-Off is now supported for multi-user tablets.
  • And many bugs that we discovered over the last couple months. Now that we are done with this big release, we will be able to deliver small incremental updates again and quicker.

What's Next

For Android, we will keep a close eye on the problems that people will face with this release as well as our translation efforts. We will deliver incremental updates now on a monthly basis.  Our main focus will also shift to the website to provide more powerful analytics as well as launching our iOS version. 

Edison & Jane

Posted on March 2, 2013 and filed under release-notes.